Parse an Unstructured Date/Time String in Python

Email and instant messaging were created to be a simple and streamlined way for people to communicate important information such as meeting times and deadlines. However, because of their often-casual style, collecting and logging that information can be difficult as it may not be easily read by a computer program. The following API will process and parse unstructured Date/Time information using Natural Language Processing into its standardized form. For example, an email setting up a meeting for “tomorrow at 3pm” will have this information restructured in “yyyy-mm-dd” and “00:00:00” format.

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You can use this API by running this command to install the SDK:

pip install cloudmersive-validate-api-client

Then, you can call the function:

from __future__ import print_function
import time
import cloudmersive_validate_api_client
from import ApiException
from pprint import pprint

This will return the parsed date result, year, month, day, hour, minute, second, and day of the week. You can retrieve the API Key from the Cloudmersive website at no cost and with no commitment. This will provide you with 800 monthly calls across our library of APIs.

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