How to Split a Single XLSX File into Separate Worksheets using Go

By dividing your spreadsheets into separate documents, you can create duplicates of your most critical datasets for redundancy, or even subsequently combine those new documents with other existing files. For whatever your use-case may be, our Split XLSX API offers a reliable service to perform that operation programmatically within your own application.

Thankfully, building this API into your document management applications is easy: all you need to do is copy & paste the below Golang code examples (fully formatted & ready to run!) into your file and authenticate your service with a valid Cloudmersive API key (which you can get for free by registering a free account on our website).

After you include your file path in the relevant field, you can elect to return your new XLSX documents as URLs only (rather than both URL & regular XLSX file encoding) by setting the “returnDocumentContents” field to “false” (default is “true”):

That’s all there is to it — no more code required!



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