How to Scan an AWS S3 File for Viruses in C#

When utilizing an AWS S3 file to store valuable business content, you need to guarantee your data isn’t being corrupted by viruses, malware, spyware, or other emerging threats. Our cloud storage virus scan API provides superior visibility into the safety status of your file by leveraging continuously updated signatures for millions of threats; by proactively identifying the virus, you can also prevent potential flow to other important business applications.

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Run this command to install the SDK with .NET Framework:

Install-Package Cloudmersive.APIClient.NET.VirusScan -Version 3.0.3

Next, you can call the ScanCloudStorage function using the following code:

using System;
using System.Diagnostics;
using Cloudmersive.APIClient.NET.VirusScan.Api;
using Cloudmersive.APIClient.NET.VirusScan.Client;
using Cloudmersive.APIClient.NET.VirusScan.Model;

Once your virus scan is completed, you will either receive a virus identification or an indicator that your file is in the clear. Check out the Cloudmersive website to retrieve your API Key at no cost and with no commitment. We’ve got you covered with up to 800 monthly calls across our library of APIs.

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