How to Rotate an Image using Node.js

Looking to implement photo-rotation services on your app/website? Our Image rotation API could be the service you’re looking for. It’ll allow you to specify any degree of rotation between 0.0–360.0, and it’ll accept common file formats like PNG or JPEG.

We’ve provided ready-to-run code snippets below to help you structure an API call in Node.js; alternatively, you can test this API out on our Cloudmersive API Console, or structure your call using code snippets in 12+ additional languages (with SDK installation instructions included for each).

To begin, let’s install the Node.js SDK. Run the following command:

Next up, add the following code block to begin the API call and authenticate your Cloudmersive API key:

To get a Cloudmersive API key, just visit our website and register a free account. Now you can wrap up the API call with one last code block:

After your parameters are configured, you’re all set — no further code required.



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