How to Encrypt and Password Protect a PDF using Go

Reliable document security is one of the chief advantages of PDF format. Encryption and password protection features make it possible to keep viewership of a document static between a trusted group of peers, eliminating the risk of unwanted parties appending or revising the document. With our free-to-use PDF Encryption & Password Protection API, you can programmatically set custom permissions for dozens of PDF documents (one API call per document) in a one-step process that involves setting a user password, owner password, and encryption key length (values include 128-bit RC4 encryption and 256-bit AES encryption; the latter is the default setting).

Taking advantage of this API is easy; all you need to do is copy & paste the complementary Go code examples provided below and register a free account on our website to get a free-tier Cloudmersive API key (this key will yield a limit of 800 API calls per month & no additional commitments).

To use this API, include the below code examples in your file and fill the required header fields as directed by the code comments:

Simple as that — you’re all done.



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