How to convert Excel XLSX to PDF in Java

Today we will look at how to convert the all-important Excel spreadsheet into the more-presentable PDF document, for all your web displaying and printing needs.

The first thing that we need to do is add references to the Maven POM file.

Repository reference:


Dependency reference:


And then pull the trigger on convertDocumentXlsxToPdf:

// Import classes:
//import com.cloudmersive.client.invoker.ApiClient;
//import com.cloudmersive.client.invoker.ApiException;
//import com.cloudmersive.client.invoker.Configuration;
//import com.cloudmersive.client.invoker.auth.*;
//import com.cloudmersive.client.ConvertDocumentApi;
ApiClient defaultClient = Configuration.getDefaultApiClient();// Configure API key authorization: Apikey
ApiKeyAuth Apikey = (ApiKeyAuth) defaultClient.getAuthentication("Apikey");
Apikey.setApiKey("YOUR API KEY");
// Uncomment the following line to set a prefix for the API key, e.g. "Token" (defaults to null)
ConvertDocumentApi apiInstance = new ConvertDocumentApi();
File inputFile = new File("/path/to/file"); // File | Input file to perform the operation on.
try {
byte[] result = apiInstance.convertDocumentXlsxToPdf(inputFile);
} catch (ApiException e) {
System.err.println("Exception when calling ConvertDocumentApi#convertDocumentXlsxToPdf");

And you’re done! Now you can go enjoy all the time you just saved. A useful related API is called convertDocumentAutodetectToPdf, which provides the same functionality, but with the ability to accept most document formats as inputs and without the need to specify said formats.

There’s an API for that. Cloudmersive is a leader in Highly Scalable Cloud APIs.

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