How to Convert a Website URL Page to Text using Java

Reviewing website copy can be a time-consuming task, requiring one to read carefully through each of the many separate pages that constitute a typical client-facing site. Thankfully, however, there’s an easy way around that — our URL to Text conversion API makes will quickly strip all available text from an input URL page’s HTML code, returning a string containing only plain text (“TextContentResult”) and no additional clutter. The best part? You can use this API for free by registering a free account on our website. Free-tier accounts are perfect for smaller-scale projects & come with zero additional commitments, supplying a hard-and-fast limit of 800 API calls per month. Once you’ve registered your account, you can follow instructions below to install the client & structure your API call in Java.

We can begin by installing the API client with Maven. First, let’s include a reference in the pom.xml repository:

Next, we can add a reference to the pom.xml dependency:

Moving on to our controller, we can add our imports to the top of our file:

We can now copy in the final snippet below & include our API key below the “configure API key authorization” comment. Simply include your URL in the request parameter format, and you’re all set:

Request parameter format:



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