How to Convert a Video to MP4 in Node.JS

When adding details and extra information such as subtitles and complex audio to your videos, you need a file format that can handle the added load without corruption and while maintaining fidelity. The MP4 file format provides all of these features and is compatible with most PC systems and Windows OS. The following Cloudmersive API will show you how to convert any video file to MP4 with ease.

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You will first need to install our client software:

npm install cloudmersive-video-api-client --save

You can also add this snippet to your package.json:

"dependencies": {
"cloudmersive-video-api-client": "^2.0.1"

Then, you can call our function, VideoConvertToMp4:

var CloudmersiveVideoApiClient = require('cloudmersive-video-api-client');
var defaultClient = CloudmersiveVideoApiClient.ApiClient.instance;
// Configure API key authorization: Apikey
var Apikey = defaultClient.authentications['Apikey'];
Apikey.apiKey = 'YOUR API KEY';
var apiInstance = new CloudmersiveVideoApiClient.VideoApi();var opts = {
'inputFile': Buffer.from(fs.readFileSync("C:\\temp\\inputfile").buffer), // File | Input file to perform the operation on.
'fileUrl': "fileUrl_example", // String | Optional; URL of a video file being used for conversion. Use this option for files larger than 2GB.
'maxWidth': 56, // Number | Optional; Maximum width of the output video, up to the original video width. Defaults to original video width.
'maxHeight': 56, // Number | Optional; Maximum height of the output video, up to the original video width. Defaults to original video height.
'preserveAspectRatio': true, // Boolean | Optional; If false, the original video's aspect ratio will not be preserved, allowing customization of the aspect ratio using maxWidth and maxHeight, potentially skewing the video. Default is true.
'frameRate': 56, // Number | Optional; Specify the frame rate of the output video. Defaults to original video frame rate.
'quality': 56 // Number | Optional; Specify the quality of the output video, where 100 is lossless and 1 is the lowest possible quality with highest compression. Default is 50.
var callback = function(error, data, response) {
if (error) {
} else {
console.log('API called successfully. Returned data: ' + data);
apiInstance.videoConvertToMp4(opts, callback);

And with that, you are set for your next big video project! To get access to your personal API Key or if you curious about our array of API solutions, please visit the Cloudmersive website.

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