Convert MP3 Files to WAV in Swift

The WAV format was developed by IBM and Microsoft, and is the main format utilized by Windows for raw and often uncompressed audio. Due to the high resolution of the format, it consistently delivers high quality audio; this is especially helpful in professional audio editing environments. If you need to convert a file to the WAV format, the following tutorial will demonstrate how to use an API in Swift to convert an MP3 or other audio format to WAV with very little effort.

Let’s start the process by inputting the target file and the API key into the following code:

import Foundation
#if canImport(FoundationNetworking)
import FoundationNetworking

It’s important to note that the operation uses 1 API call per 10 MB of file size, as well as 1 API call per additional minute of processing time over 5 minutes (max 25 min). To retrieve your free API key and gain access to 800 monthly calls across our API library, simply head to Cloudmersive website.

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