(Advanced) Recognize a Photo of a Form, Extract Key Fields using Stored Templates in Python

In a prior article, we covered how you can use the Cloudmersive OCR API to recognize & store key information from a business form with some customization options. In this article, we’re going to cover the Advanced version of this API, which enables you to use template definitions stored in Cloudmersive Configuration. After following the steps below to connect with the API in Python, you can configure stored templates by logging into the Cloudmersive Management Portal and navigating to Settings > API Configuration > Create Bucket.

First, run this command for Python SDK installation:

After that, you can run the below code to call the function & use the API. In the second snippet, you’ll be asked to supply your Cloudmersive API key (if you don’t have a Cloudmersive Account yet, you can easily make a free account by visiting the Cloudmersive website).



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